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    Research – Multiple Territories

    Can Franchise Owners Operate Multiple Territories?

    The Carpet Chemist is designed to help franchisees scale into multiple territories.

    The Carpet Chemist was built for growth at the franchisee level. Franchise owners are provided with everything they need to quickly find a return on their initial investment and grow their operation into multiple territories.

    “Not only do we offer multiple territories, our franchise model is designed to encourage multi-territory growth so that franchise owners can continue to expand their businesses and generate more revenue,” said Jason Markowicz, the founder of franchise consultancy Fit For You Franchising who is helping The Carpet Chemist launch its franchise opportunity.

    Each franchise owner is granted the right to develop and operate one The Carpet Chemist business within a designated territory, which they will have exclusive rights to. The scope and size of that territory will depend on local factors, market conditions and whether or not the franchise owner intends to purchase additional territories, but most territories include a population of approximately 300,000.

    “The operational model is simple and inexpensive, and the staffing requirements are minimal. That allows franchise owners to scale up quickly and stake out an increasingly large section of their market,” said Eric Anderson, who is managing operations for The Carpet Chemist Franchise. “That’s a rare and valuable opportunity in the franchise world.”

    For more information, see Item 12 of The Carpet Chemist’s franchise disclosure document.