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    Research – How The Carpet Chemist Works

    How The Carpet Chemist Works for Consumers

    A uniquely broad range of carpet services sets The Carpet Chemist apart from competing brands.

    Most carpet cleaning brands offer just that — carpet cleaning. But The Carpet Chemist has become a trusted resource for all custom flooring needs, from cleaning to repair to dyeing to stretching.

    “We’ve found an enormous demand for carpet repair services, and almost no one is meeting that demand,” said Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist. “By offering a wide range of services beyond cleaning, we’ve become the best and only option for most customers’ carpet needs.”

    The Carpet Chemist’s team of mad scientists are equipped to expertly repair:

    • Burn marks
    • Water damage
    • “Permanent” stains, including pet and food stains
    • Ripples and loose carpeting
    • Color loss


    The Carpet Chemist is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The brand is also certified in the industry’s breakthrough Color Cue carpet and rug dyeing system, which is a proprietary technology that takes the guesswork out of formulating a perfect color match by using concentrated permanent dyes. This high-performance coloration method puts a new face on carpeting that has “uglied-out” over the years.

    While many companies use harsh chemicals, toxic detergents and outdated methods to rejuvenate a home’s flooring, The Carpet Chemist’s carpet cleaning, re-dyeing and coloration methods employ gentle, non-toxic ingredients that are easy on flooring and safe for pets and children.

    And those services are not exclusive to carpets. The Carpet Chemist can also repair rugs and upholstery for both residential and commercial customers. Crucially, the brand also offers ongoing cleaning options to keep carpets in peak condition throughout the year.

    “The regular maintenance options have been a huge boon for us as a brand and for our customers,” said Cerrito. “We’re able to help customers keep their carpets in like-new condition indefinitely while keeping a steady stream of recurring revenue for our owners.”

    That comprehensive range of services allows customers to keep The Carpet Chemist top-of-mind for any carpet or upholstery services they may need.