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    What Are the Startup Costs to Open a The Carpet Chemist Franchise?

    A low initial investment covers everything franchise owners need to start growing their businesses fast.

    The Carpet Chemist is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after opportunities in franchising, and that’s due largely to its low startup costs and high potential ROI.

    The initial investment to open a The Carpet Chemist franchise ranges from $77,000 to $109,000, which includes the leasing of a van and the initial $25,000 franchise fee. And because no office space is required, which can often cost small-business owners up to $1000 per employee every month, franchise owners maintain little ongoing overhead costs.

    “When we designed our franchise model, we wanted to make sure that when we find a great partner — someone whose goals and values align with ours and who has the grit and passion to succeed — they won’t be locked out because they can’t raise the initial funding,” said Jason Markowicz, the founder of franchise consultancy Fit For You Franchising who is helping The Carpet Chemist launch its franchise opportunity. “So we designed an operational model that keeps the initial investment low and expedites ROI.”

    Key numbers

    • $25,000 franchise fee
    • Initial Start Up Costs $77,000–$109,000
    • 8% Royalty


    The Carpet Chemist’s financial model is designed specifically to support franchisee growth. By offering a low initial investment and turnkey operation with minimal overhead, The Carpet Chemist franchise owners can quickly find a return on their investment and start scaling their business up.

    So, how much can The Carpet Chemist franchise owners earn? The gross revenue for The Carpet Chemist’s company-owned outlet was $159,025 in 2019 and $217,474 in 2020. Individual results will differ from franchisee to franchisee, but most franchise owners are expected to recoup their initial investment in the first year.

    “We are laser-focused on growth, and growth as a brand starts with franchisee growth,” said Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist. “Our success depends entirely on the success of our territory owners, so we’ve done everything possible to make sure they are as profitable as possible.”