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    Research – Why The Carpet Chemist Will Win

    Why The Carpet Chemist Will Win the Carpet Cleaning and Repair Franchise Category

    A unique consumer offering has positioned The Carpet Chemist to dominate the $5 billion carpet cleaning industry.

    Carpet cleaning is a $5 billion industry, and it’s projected to continue growing by approximately 3% annually. The Carpet Chemist is poised to dominate that massive and growing market.

    The Carpet Chemist has cornered and outsized share of its category by offering what other carpet cleaning franchises can’t. Most carpet cleaning companies are only equipped to clean carpets, but The Carpet Chemist offers a range of in-demand niche services, including carpet stretching and carpet dyeing, making it consumers’ go-to resource for virtually any carpet need.

    “We identified a crucial gap in the marketplace, which is that most carpet cleaning brands don’t offer services beyond cleaning and they don’t even do that very well,” said Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist. “When most people run into issues with their carpet, whether it’s a bad stain or shrinking or it’s in disrepair, they call a carpet cleaner, the cleaner tells them they can’t solve that issue, and then they end up replacing the whole carpet. We’ve made a name for ourselves by handling virtually anything a customer throws at us, which saves them a ton of money and has made us a leader in the space.”

    The Carpet Chemist is leveraging that unique and lucrative point of differentiation to grow steadily and strategically in markets across the country through a turnkey franchise operation designed to scale quickly and effectively. With low startup costs and minimal overhead — franchise owners work from home, operating out of a van included in the startup costs — The Carpet Chemist franchise owners are able to get up and running quickly, typically turning a profit within their first year.

    That streamlined operational model allows franchise owners to build their businesses and expand their territories faster than independent owners or those with other brands in the category.

    “We took a killer consumer offering and built a simple, low-cost operational model around it that can be run by just about anyone with the right passion and attitude,” said Cerrito. “That’s an unbeatable combination in any industry.”